Clean Living also provides professional cleaning service for items that are difficult to be cleaned.
Handbag Care Service
Handbags are easily frayed. Dyeing of handbags usually caused by lighting or discoloring of clothes. Except the stain removal, we also provide handbags care service.
Despite any materials, size, shape, color and brand or even purse, we provide professional care and cleaning service for handbags.
Carpet Cleaning Service
Even keep clean of household is difficult to keep carpet clean, especially wool and handwoven carpet. Clean Living provides cleaning service for different kinds of carpet. Welcome to use our free pick up service.
Blanket Cleaning Service
Provide cleaing service for wool or quit blankets. Stain can be only removed by the large scale professional cleaning machine. Professional cleaning can retain the normal shape, elasticity, and moisture absorption of the blanket. Welcome to use our free pick up service.
Curtain Cleaning Service
Dirt and soot is easily sticked to the curtains. According to various material, our specialists will chose the best mtheod to clean up the cutrain. In order to retain it noramal shape and size. Welcome to use our free pick up service.
Stuffed Toys Cleaning Service
Germs can be easily adhered to stuffed toys or interior decorations.
We provide cleaning and care service for stuffed toys, even the commercial use puppet.