Updated March 11, 2019Prices are subject to change without notice
Ladies' / Gentlemen's
Suit (2 pcs) - Jacket with Trousers 140
Jacket 85
Trousers - Short / Long * 48 / 55
Trousers with Crease Keeping 85
Waistcoat 68
Jumper (Quilted) 78 / 95
Coat - Short / Medium / Long 105 / 120 / 140

Raincoat with Waterproof Service – Short / Medium / Long

147 / 168 / 196
Overcoat (with extra lining) 160
Down Coat – Short / Medium / Long * 150 / 180 / 210
Down Vest – Short / Medium / Long * 120 / 144 / 168
Sweater / Knitwear / Cardigan 63
Cashmere Sweater 82
Shirt / Silk Shirt 72

Necktie / Silk Necktie

Suit (2 pcs) - Jacket with Skirt 138
Skirt - Short / Long 53 / 58
Dress 96
Full Pleats - Skirt / Dress 100 up / 125 up
Sweater - Beaded 75 up
Blouse 72
Scarf / Stole 60
Scarf / Stole - Cashmere / Silk 78
Pashmina 95
Cheong Sam - Short / Long / Quilted 95 / 115 / 130
Infant's Wear
50% of listed price
Children's Wear
80% of listed price
School Uniform
80% of listed price
80% of listed price
Press Only (For drycleaning items only)
60% of listed price
Total amount of each bill will be ‘Round Off’ to the nearest 「Dollar」
Leather & Fur
Suede or Leather Jacket 520
Suede or Leather Trousers 420
Suede or Leather Vest 416
Suede or Leather Skirt 420
Suede or Leather Overcoat 620
Jacket - Part Suede / Knit 350
Mink Stole 420
Mink Jacket / Overcoat 720 / 900
Sheepskin - Small / Large 200 / 280
Total amount of each bill will be 'Round Off' to the nearest 「Dollar」
Blanket - Small / Large * # 130 ∕ 160
Quilt - Small / Large * #  170∕ 200
Down Quilt - Small / Large * #  230∕ 260
Quilt Cover - Small / Large # 120 ∕ 140
Lace Curtain (per sq ft) 3.0
Curtain - unlined (per sq ft) 3.5
Curtain - lined (per sq ft) 4.5
Carpet (per sq ft) 30
Carpet - Silk (per sq ft) 40
Arm Chair Cover 78
Sofa Cover (2-seater) 98
Sofa Cover (3-seater) 108
Cushion Cover - Small / Large 58 / 78
Blanket Heat Treatment 105
Total amount of each bill will be 'Round Off' to the nearest 「Dollar」
Shirt - Machine Finishing 27
Shirt - Hand Finishing 72
T-Shirt / Sports Shirt 27
Pyjamas - 2pcs 58
Table Cloth Small / Large 45/ 68
Table Cloth with Lace - Small / Large 78 / 98
Pillow Case 17
Bed Sheet - Small / Large # 36 / 46
Quilt Cover - Small / Large # 58 / 78
Towel Overlay 72
Bath Towel 35
Stuffed Toy 75 up
Total amount of each bill will be 'Round Off' to the nearest 「Dollar」
Grand Fabric Care
Ladies' / Gentlemen's
Suit (2 pcs) - Jacket with Trousers 280
Jacket 170
Trousers - long 110
Trousers with Crease Keeping 140
Coat - Short / Medium / Long 210 / 240 / 280
Overcoat (with extra lining) 320
Down Coat - Short / Medium / Long 300 / 360 / 420
Dinner Shirt 120
Dinner Jacket 260
Dinner Suit 360
Evening Suit (Tails) 450
Necktie / Silk Necktie 96
Suit (2 pcs) - Jacket with Skirt 276
Skirt - Short / Long 106 / 116
Dress 192
Evening Dress 380 up
Evening Dress - Beaded 480 up
Wedding Gown 580 up
Optimal cleaning service provided according to garment’s design & material, hand finish for pressing
Free Stain Removal (heavy or widespread stains are excluded)
Free repair for loose stitches & minor repairs are provided
Protect your valuable garments by special designed package
Total amount of each bill will be ‘Round Off’ to the nearest 「Dollar」
 * Same Price for Laundry
 #  Small size - under 72" x 90"
Infant's Wear (under 12 months)
Heavy starch service available
Garments with special materials/ silk/
Cashmere/ Leather / Plastic or Beaded
+30% up
Garment Care +30%
*Express Service (each pc.) +$20 /+$50


Additional Services
Alteration & Mending
Alteration -
Zipper / Length / Width / Lining
50 ~200 up
Mending As quoted
Mink/ Fur/ Leather Cold Storage Service
HK$100 per month
Seasonal Storage Service (Available from Mar-Jun, Nov-Dec only)
Clothing Storage 10 each
Blanket Storage 50 each
Fabric Care
Special Stain Removal Service As quoted
Handbag Care Service 150 up
Crease keeping (Kept for Several Times Drycleaning) 30
Waterproof Service (min charge $19) 40% of listed price
Crease keeping (Kept for Several Times Drycleaning) 30
Total amount of each bill will be ‘Round Off’ to the nearest 「Dollar」

Laundry Coupon Special Price
HK$ 270 for 12 shirts

2 shirts Free!

Total amount of each bill will be ‘Round Off’ to the nearest 「Dollar」
Terms and Conditions of Cleaning Service Contract
("the Company")
Terms and Conditions of Cleaning Service Contract

  • The Company provides cleaning service to any Customer. However, the Company reserves its right to refuse to provide any cleaning service. The Company will not be responsible for any of the following circumstances or conditions occurred to any clothes or things presented for cleaning services (“cleaning items”): -
    (a) any damages to cleaning items without cleaning label cleaned under normal cleaning procedure or to cleaning items treated in accordance with the cleaning label or any instruction given by a customer.
    (b) any discoloring, shrinking, or deforming to any cleaning items cleaned under normal cleaning procedures.
    (c) incapable of removing all stains on the cleaning items under normal cleaning procedures. The Company will only re-clean items that, in the Company’s own opinion and view, have not been properly cleaned and have not been worn or used since they were cleaned.
    (d) loss of any money, valuable, article or other things left in the cleaning items. A Customer should ensure that before handover of the cleaning items to the Company for cleaning, no such things is left in the cleaning items.
    (e) any damage or enlarged damage found after cleaning caused by any inherent weakness or defects in the materials of or in the making of the cleaning items.
    (f) any loss or damage to the cleaning items arising from any event of force majeure or frustration such as natural disasters, earthquakes, warfare, riot, moth, fire, floods, Act of God or to any cause beyond the control of the Company.
  • Holder of any bill issued by the Company (“Bill”) shall be deemed and treated to be the owner of the cleaning items. Should the relevant Bill be lost, a written report should promptly be made to the Company. The Company has to take at least 2 business days to ascertain the ownership. The Customer is required to produce his/her Hong Kong Identity Card or relevant identity documents issued by the Government (which the Company thinks appropriate) to prove his/her identity and shall consent to his/her name, Identity Card number and signature be recorded before the cleaning items are released. The Company accepts no liability in case a customer suffers any loss and damages arising therefrom.
  • In the event that the Company breaches any term of this Contract, commits any act of negligence and/or default(s) (including but not limited to the default(s), omission(s) or negligent act(s) of the Company, its staffs and agents) or is liable to the Customer for any loss or damage whatsoever caused in respect of arising from and out of the providing cleaning service to the Customer (“Events”), all claims made by the Customer against the Company are limited to monetary claim(s) only and damages payable shall be calculated according to the value of the cleaning items evidenced by purchase receipt(s) less reasonable depreciation, allowances of the defects and other relevant factors available for reducing the compensation, the Customer further agrees that the Company’s liability shall in no event exceed ten (10) times of the cleaning charges. Subject to the Customer’s consent, the Company may use its cleaning cash coupon to compensate the Customer. Apart from the Events, the Company shall not be held liable or be responsible for any consequential, special, indirect, incidental or punitive loss or damages, whether or not the Company knew or should have known of the likelihood of any such loss or damages no matter or whether or not they are directly or indirectly connected with the Events.
  • The cleaned cleaning items must be collected by the Customer within 30 days from the date of the issue of the Bill or before a date as specified therein whichever is the earlier. Otherwise, the Customer shall be deemed to have abandoned the cleaning items and the Company shall at its absolute discretion dispose of the cleaning items in such way and manner, which the Company thinks appropriate, without prior notice to the Customer and no claim or complaint under whatsoever nature shall be made by the Customer against the Company.
  • To avoid any dispute, the Customer is advised to make immediate inspection upon the collection of the cleaning items after cleaning. Any Customer’s complaint on the cleaning items shall be made by notice in writing to the Company within 14 days from the date of collection of the same provided that the cleaned cleaning items are collected by the Customer within on or before a date as specified in the Bill, the cleaning items should not be worn or used after cleaning and the Company’s cleaning tag remains attached to the cleaning items. Any complaint made after the expiry of the 14 days shall not be entertained and the Customer shall be treated as waived such complaint(s) and claim(s).
  • Any person, who is not a party to this Contract, has no right under the Contracts (Rights of Third Party) Ordinance (Cap. 623 of the Laws of Hong Kong SAR) to enforce or to enjoy the benefits and obligations of this Contract. This Contract contains all terms of services between the Company and its customer. No staff or agent of the Company have power or authority to make any undertaking, promise, representation, warranty and etc. contrary to the terms of this Contract on behalf of the Company and thus, the Company accepts no liability therefor.
  • In case of any discrepancy between English and Chinese version of this Contract, the English version shall prevail.