Organic solvent is used in dry cleaning process.
Dry cleaning can remain the normal texture of clothes, also prevent shrinking and wrinkles.
Inspection will be done before cleanig. To inspect all buttons and accessories are in good conditions or not. Also to check is there any stain and tear on clothes. According to various situation and materials, our staff will first take it off or wrap with aluminum foil in order to protect the accessories not to be damaged.
Dry Cleaning
There are three types of dry cleaning solvent : dissolution of solvent and drying condition. Base on different fiber, color and materials, Hang Lung Hakuyosha will choose the most suitable solvent and drying method. After distillation, the solvent can be reused. Cotton materials are easily inflated during laundry process. The fiber of wool is ease to be pulled. These are the reasons that lead to shrinkage.
On the contrary, dry cleaning can prevent shrinkage. In order to maintain our quality, Hang Lung Hakuyosha will do quality assurance regularly.
Stain Removal
Most of the dry cleaning solvent is organic solvent (oil based), greasy stain can be removed with ease. On the contrary, water dissolvable stain is arduous to be cleaned. We will first clean the stain that is water dissolvable. For stain that is neither water dissolved nor oil dissolved, other solvents may be used. Except the types of stain, we will consider the fiber and color of the materials as well. No matter is water dissolvable or oil dissolvable stain, it become difficult to remove after oxidation. In order to increase the effectiveness of stain removal, we suggest to handle as soon as possible.
The cutting and design of clothes is to fit our body.
Hang Lung Hakuyosha will first use the human presser to press the wrinkles.
After that we will do sorting to check is every parts of the clothes are in good conditions.
In order to remain and enhance the skills of pressing, Hang Lung Hakuyosha will invite instructor for quality assurance and provide guidance for our staff.