To choose the best cleaning method that keeps customer’s garments in perfect condition.
Professional Drycleaning
Drycleaning is used to clean delicate fabrics or garments that may damaged or discoloured easily.
Drycleaning protects garments from discoloring and retains their original colour and finish.
Laundry Service
Shirts, sports wears and summer garments contact with our derma directly. These items are easily stained. Our laundry service operates with the most suitable water temperature and cleaning or stain removal agents in order to remove stain from these kinds of garments.
Special Stain Removal Service
Stains that cannot be removed by the ordinary process may remove by the special stain removal service. Our professional specialists will use the best method to remove various kinds of stains. Quotation of surcharge will be provided. For details please contact our staff.
Cleaning of Fur & Leather
- Cleaning of Fur
The humidity and lighting of the storage room lead to discolor and affect the quality directly. Powder Cleaning can keep fur items in the most suitable moisture content.
- Cleaning of Leather
Our professional technique can retain the burnish and softness of leather items.